(NEAR) Protocol RocketX (RVX) Partnership | Binance Exchange Bep20 Token Integration

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RocketX partners with NEAR, plans to support NEAR tokens by February 2022, and is expected to support the “NEAR network” on RocketX soon.

is excited to welcome to our growing partner ecosystem, as we work together to achieve the vision of .driving mass adoption of crypto globally. RocketX will support token through Binance integration and, in the near future, RocketX will work on supporting the NEAR network and NEAR Wallet on RocketX exchange.

RocketX is on a mission to simplify crypto trading. Trade any token listed on any exchange globally without registering with any exchange! We are the first to build infrastructure that removes borders between different chains and simplifies cross-chain swaps, while allowing users to own their crypto with a non-custodial exchange.

As part of this mission, the RocketX exchange will support NEAR ($NEAR) to provide users with access to the best rates, low fees, and minimum slippage during swaps and cross-chain swaps of their tokens.

The RocketX team is absolutely thrilled to welcome NEAR to our growing partner ecosystem.

“As a first step in this partnership, we will support NEAR and allow users to trade the token on our platform at the best rates, and with lesser gas fees and platform fees compared to competitor exchanges,” says Kiran Mannam, Project Lead at RocketX. “What’s even more exciting for me is that we will be working towards supporting the NEAR network on RocketX exchange soon!”

“NEAR is happy to be working with innovative teams like RocketX, whose mission is very much aligned with ours in bringing a billion users to Web3,” says Mark Sugden, NEAR. “We are looking forward to a successful partnership for the future.”

RocketX is a one-stop solution to simplify crypto trading. It does so by aggregating all the CEXs & DEXs to provide users with best rates, lowest gas fee & min. slippage. We are the world’s first global liquidity aggregator that supports Cross-Chain Swaps and Token Transfers. We simplify crypto trading by providing access to liquidity across CEX and DEX at the click of a button.

We are adopting a collaborative approach in creating a partner ecosystem to achieve this goal.

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Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, NEAR empowers millions to invent and explore new experiences. Business, creativity, and community are being reimagined for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

NEAR is eliminating the barriers to Web 3 adoption. With high speeds, low fees, and progressive UX, NEAR’s climate-neutral blockchain is ready for explosive growth. NEAR runs in concert with Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and more, allowing for the free flow of assets and communication between networks for the betterment of all.

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