Layer1 Blockchain ‘Near Protocol’ Grants DeHive Funding | DeFi Crypto Yield Farming

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DeHive receives a grant from the NEAR Foundation. DeHive plans to use the funding for many different developments in the DeFi space.

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The DeHive team is delighted to announce that we won a grant from NEAR Foundation to expand the project to NEAR and Aurora, an Ethereum-scaling solution. These NEAR Grants Program funds will help the DeHive team bootstrap our project and develop financial products for millions of users.

While we can’t reveal precisely how we will use the grant funds, we do have one spoiler — the first financial products will be developed for Aurora, where DeHive will take advantage of the EVM’s extremely fast transactions.

Aurora is a perfect place for all DeFi applications since it provides a pleasant environment for dapp development. We are extremely happy to start working with the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems, and we are sure that this grant marks the first step in DeHive’s rise.

This grant will directly influence the further development of the main DeHive instruments, yield-generating crypto indexes and an automatic compounding tool for crypto assets. We are sure that it will allow us to bring even more value to our users, allowing them to get a bigger profit in a safe space even if they have zero trading experience.

Diversify your portfolio, mitigate risks, and boost your profit with DeHive!

About DeHive

What’s important is that DeHive does not have any real access to user’s funds. All deposited assets are either stored on the smart contract, which works as a security vault, or in the original farming protocol. This enables higher security of all DeHive instruments.



About NEAR

NEAR is built by an award-winning team of engineers and entrepreneurs to be simple to use, inclusive and good for the environment. NEAR is backed by top VCs such as A16Z, Pantera Capital, Electric Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Coinbase Ventures,, and Baidu Ventures.


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