EVM Compatible ‘Aurora’ Partnership Payments Streaming Service Roketo | 2022 Crypto Payroll Solutions & Get Paid in Aurora, NEAR Tokens

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NEAR Ecosystem’s Aurora partners with Roketo.  Aurora is a decentralized application platform based on third-generation blockchain technology that provides blockchain technology solutions for many industries. 


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Hello Roketo family! We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with NEAR’s EVM layer, Aurora.

Due to this brand-new strategic partnership Roketo is set to receive a $50,000 product development grant from Aurora.

Aurora’s ecosystem has more than 100 projects and relay nodes with top-tier secure and innovative bridges in the industry, which operates Ethereum, Aurora, and NEAR Native. Roketo is set to become part of this ecosystem and we will receive access to a new pool of potential clients and partners.

“We are very excited to see that Aurora believes in the future of streaming payments by investing in our product. Aurora is a big name in the NEAR community, and this partnership is one of the key steps in our growth strategy,” — Roketo’s CTO Vasilisa Versus commented.

“Aurora is looking forward to this new strategic partnership with Roketo. We believe in the future of crypto streaming payments and are excited to see Roketo integrate with our systems which will allow it to streak tokens on the Aurora blockchain,” — Aurora’s Marketing Coordinator Alexis said.

Aurora has already been one of Roketo’s clients prior to the partnership, and its tokens have previously been streamed through the service — which shows how confident their team is in ours.


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