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PinkPea Finance is a fully integrated Aurora DeFi optimizer that reduces barriers to accessing high-yield DeFi products.

PinkPea Finance is a one-stop DeFi shop that provides investors with auto-compounding token liquidity mining, flexible interest rate lending, leveraged mining, single-sided staking, and many other services to help maximize their returns. PinkPea Finance gathers five essential DeFi tools into one place — Vaults, Lending, Leverage, Boosting, and Partner Pools — to meet the needs of all crypto investors.

As well as maximizing user returns, PinkPea Finance is committed to reducing user risks. That is why we created a set-and-forget Infinite Looper. An advanced PinkPea Finance innovation, where intelligent signals trigger bots to either leverage or deleverage your position to automatically maintain a healthy debt ratio during market volatility while passively growing your assets.

PinkPea Finance investors can also reduce the heavy time and GAS costs required for APY hunting and DeFi product hopping. PinkPea Finance is a new intelligent, cost-efficient way to DeFi.

On April 19, PinkPea Finance officially started PEA pre-mining. Investors can receive PEA on top of the standard APY when they deposit into our Vaults.

To reward early adopters, PinkPea Finance’s first 2-week “Community Mining Program” began on April 19, 2022, at 8:00 (UTC+0) and will run for two weeks. Users can mine 200,000 PEA each week, a total of 400,000 PEA for approximately 2-weeks. The mining output of each LP mining pool is according to the output factor. The mining output factor adjusts to the popularity and volume of the assets staked in our protocol.

A brief overview of PEA

PEA is the native PinkPea Finance token with a total supply of 50 million. The protocol also has a governance token vePEA inspired by the ve(3,3) model.

The role of PEA is to provide incentives and facilitate the ecosystem’s growth. Whereas the function of vePEA is governance, stakeholders can vote and have a voice in the decision-making process.

Why are we confident in the future market expectations of PEA?

  1. PinkPea Finance Sustainable Yield Aggregation

Although yield aggregators took off in the 2020 “summer of DeFi”, the high APYs offered by these early revenue aggregators had more to do with market conditions than intelligent financial strategies. They not only lacked diverse functionality but also came with high GAS fees.

PinkPea Finance represents a new paradigm of revenue aggregators pioneering DeFi 2.0. Our product offers numerous tools, such as Vaults, Lending, Leverage, Boosting, Partner Pools, and the Infinite Looper, offering sustainable high APY and expanded functionality. Our cutting-edge tools will roll out one by one in 2022 until all are live and operational.

Holders of vePEA can participate in voting for various decisions within the ecosystem and receive additional benefits. For example, if you voted for an approved Partner Pools project, you can expect to receive a token airdrop for that project. In addition, vePEA holders can boost the APY revenue of select pools by up to 3 times. They also receive a share of the revenue from Vaults and Partner Pool fees. Investors who want to participate in governance or receive the extra benefits must lock PEA to obtain vePEA. This demand for vePEA will mean numerous PEA get locked up.

As PinkPea Finance functions go online, they will continue to serve, drive, and reinforce the value of PEA. Simultaneously, this new aggregator ecosystem model pioneered by PinkPea Finance will become a new standard within the DeFi 2.0 space.

2. PEA benefits

PinkPea tokenomics ensure value, drive growth, and align incentives. We designed the internal ecosystem to drive adoption but also be sustainable. We allocated 40% of PEA to drive the adoption of Vaults and Partner Pools and 20% to incentivize LP and vePEA staking.

PEA provides revenue and access to vePEA, and vePEA also shares in income. We share 2.5% of the revenue from Vaults and Partner Pools to locked vePEA holders and 2% with PEA liquidity providers.

PEA will become an essential link between users and the PinkPea Finance ecosystem, promoting and empowering each other to drive value.

3. Risk Guarantee Mechanism

Like traditional finance, DeFi comes with risk, especially derivatives and leverage. PinkPea Finance takes this seriously and believes that universal access to financial instruments is the first step in a meaningful web3 DeFi world. The second step is to create products that plan for, manage, mitigate and contain risk. We have put in place contingencies, like our insurance fund for the Infinite Looper. We set aside proceeds from the management fee to be available in case of black swan events that would affect the Infinite Looper’s performance.

4. Ecosystem user growth expectations

In addition to PinkPea Finance’s product features, our partnerships throughout the Aurora ecosystem will attract large use numbers. We believe in projects that can bring value to the whole industry. Our partner pools are one of our ways to integrate with other protocols and simultaneously provide more incentives and rewards for our users, a perfect way to grow our user base and help our fellow DeFi projects.

In addition, PEA will soon list on DEXs and CEXs, allowing users to trade the asset on the secondary market. PinkPea Finance will also become a cross-chain dApp later in the year. The growth of users and availability across exchanges will boost the value of PEA and help to sustain positive price action.

The outlook is bright for the future performance of our PEA.

Get in the pink with PinkPea Finance!

PinkPea Finance Website: https://pinkpea.finance

Aurora Website: https://aurora.dev/


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